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Today, Symons Property has over 12,000 m2 available of indoor storage consisting of five purpose-built warehouses and storage facilities along with an additional three warehouses.

We can store all types of cargo, including dry and dangerous goods for the following HSNO Classes, 3, 6, 8, & 9, which are available for all industry types. Our spacious warehousing facilities can devan to MPI standards. We offer specific client designed inventory systems which allows customers access to an up-to-date list of their equipment stored on our premise.

As a total warehouse solution Warehouse Services also provides third-party logistics as a total package.

If you have specific warehousing needs, we can develop a purpose-built solution that meet your requirements and budget.

Todd Energy Warehouse and Halliburton Head Office, warehouse and lab, the Halliburton Cement Plant are amongst our purpose built facilities portfolio - all neighbouring the Symons Transport and Energy locations.