Symons handle transportation of grape juice through to finished wine, with up to nineteen units we can dedicate to wine-related transportation.

A number of units are insulated to ensure wines and juices arrive in the same condition they left in. Also some new units also allow us to transport increased volumes beyond the traditional 25,000ltrs up to 32,000ltrs unpermitted and then 40,000ltrs permitted depending on the specified routes and scope of work.

Symons’ involvement in wine transportation has grown significantly over the last few years as our reputation for safety, quality and service grows. Through the 2013-2014 vintage we had up to 10 units working in the North and South Island carting up to 250,000 liters per day.

Our compartmentalised tankers are able to run a number of configurations with multiple compartment sizes to ensure the the best fit for the job, and to limit movement and potential product deterioration. This is also an added safety feature as minimal liquid movement ensures a more stable load. We can source ISO tanks for transportation as required.

We can offer support on a seasonal basis, and currently support clients in Gisbourne, Marlborough and Auckland regions. We are familiar with requirements specific to this industry, including loading/unloading at vineyard and winery sites. Our tankers are fitted with a hand rail system to ensure the safety of wine makers and staff during loading and unloading. Clients include Toll, Morton Estate, Marlborough Vinters.