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Once you have completed the required infomation below, a member of our team will be intouch to confirm rates and delivery details. Please have a read through our Water Deliveries FAQ for some more handy info and if you have any questions please contact our Transport Logistics Team on 06 7559042 or email water@symonsgroup.co.nz

Note: Rates are based on load rather than volume. ie. There is no discount for part loads.
We need a gap that's 3 metres tall by 3 metres wide and we don't do sharp turns well as we're quite long. We're also pretty heavy so if the ground isn't very solid underfoot then there's a good chance we might ruin your lawn or worse yet get stuck. The drivers aren't big fans of getting bitten by dogs. While all efforts and care are taken, Symons is not liable for damage caused during delivery.
We carry 50 metres of hose in our standard kit. We can bring more but you'll need to let us know and it does work our pumps pretty hard if we're pumping further than 50 metres especially if it's uphill.
Exact location of tank, need to reverse up drive way etc. More info the better.

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