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Proud to be involved in the Community

It was a miserable day but that didn't dampen spirits at the Egmont Village School Gala on the 24th of November!

The 'Dunk Mr Morgan' stand at the Gala was about to be cancelled with the school's original bulk water provider backing out the day before the event. We don't know Mr Morgan but it seemed like it was important that he get dunked in a water tank, so we were happy to provide a free water delivery to make it happen.

Mr Morgan didn't end up getting dunked but we did soak quite a few of the year eight students as a farewell gift before they moved on to high school!

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Simulator puts drivers through their paces

A big thanks to Wayne from Autosense for coming to site and putting the team through the Driver Comptency Simulator. Drivers were put through three core driver competency scenarios which included every day driving conditions as found on New Zealand roads, ranging from highways to urban/city conditions. Drivers were evaluated on start up and shut down procedure, speed control, spatial awareness and emergency situations. The drivers then chose two additional scenarios ranging from urban delivery to a downhill snowy mountain pass.

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Proud to Help

On the 20th of Feb 2018 at around 6 pm. Taranaki became the seventh region to declare a state of emergency as Cyclone Gita ripped through the district. Like thousands of other locals we woke up the night after the storm to find we didn't have any water. A large tree crashed down on to a water pipe during the storm and caused the most significant loss of water supply the region has experienced.

It forced severe water restrictions to be put in place and cut supply to up to 10,000 New Plymouth residents for days.

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