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Ship to Shore to Store - we do it all!

A mamoth effort by the Symons team over the past few days has seen us working 24/7 moving 80+ truck loads of pipe from Port Taranaki to our storage yards in Bell Block.

Mother nature hasn't been kind. Our team on the ground have had everything thrown at them and shown real committment to each other and our clients to get the job done safely and with a smile on their face (maybe a grimace at times).

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Doug Peach joins the Symons team

Symons’ compliance and driver training operations have been given a huge boost this month with the latest addition to our team.

Doug Peach has joined Symons as our new Driver Performance Manager. Doug has spent the last 23 years as a police officer, including 11 years working as part of the Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit.

Doug’s role in the CVIU was to ensure compliance and safety on the road. That included working closely with transport industry bodies to educate and train drivers and operators.

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Transporting the Navy

It was a proud first for our VIP Transport Team to spend a few days over ANZAC weekend looking after the crew of the HMNZS Aotearoa.

The 173-metre-long HMNZS Aotearoa is a supply ship and although she will reside in Devonport, Auckland, Port Taranaki is her ceremonial home. It’s a tradition that dates back years and serves to connect the navy with the regions.

We certainly hope to make it a tradition to look after the ship's crew again when she next returns to port.

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Sensational Simulator

A big thank you for the team and NZI and Autosense for bringing their driver simulator to site.

It's not easy to safely test a driver's reaction to hairy scenarios they might face on the road but this simulator is as close to the real thing as it gets. We put a bunch of the team through several scnearios ranging from pedestrians racing out in front of them, horses darting across the road, cyclists passing on the inside of a unit right through to a Police car pulling out from a park into the path of the truck!

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The Symons Team Celebrate a Big Year

While we were sad that not everyone could make it along on Saturday night, we saw great attendance at the annual Symons Group Christmas function. It was especially pleasing to see partners come along to be recognised for the part they play in the business.
While the evening was about getting the team together to celebrate a challenging year, we also took the opportunity to recognise a few individuals.

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