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Symons Institute of Transport Open for Enrollment

Be mentored by some of the best in the business to gain real world experience and further your career in the heavy transport industry.
Our 4-week course is aimed at Class 5 learner licence holders with little to no experience, or full Class 5 holders who have been out of the game for a while. The heavy transport industry offers job availability, good pay and career longevity so whether you’re starting out or looking to get back into it after some time away, this course will set you up for success.

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Symons teams with Alexander Group to win New Zealand Rockgas Bulk LPG distribution

Alexander Group, leading dangerous goods logistics and transport specialist, has been awarded the contract to provide nationwide Bulk LPG distribution for Rockgas.

Rockgas is part of Firstgas Group and provides LPG safely and reliably to over 125,000 customers across New Zealand. It is also investigating low carbon gas alternatives including bio-LPG, to help New Zealand become zero carbon by 2050.

To strengthen their bid, Alexander Group has an alliance with Taranaki-based transport company, Symons Group to service the Taranaki region. 

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Getting the Team Home Safe

Whether its taking the kids to school, driving to work or driving for work, driving vehicles is one of the riskiest things we all do. Road conditions, weather conditions and the behaviour of other roads users are all out of our control but we can control our own ability to give driving the respect it demands.

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Join the Symons Hitchhiker club

Do you have last minute goods that regularly need transporting to or from Taranaki?

Catch a ride with the Symons Hitchhiker and get 50% off your first load.

Our flat deck and curtainsider trucks are often venturing off with one-way loads on board and we want to make sure those empty loads are being utilised, at a price that’s affordable.

So if you’ve got pallets, heavy machinery, steel - anything that can be craned or forklifted onto our trucks - we’d love you to stick your thumb out and join the Hitchhiker Club.

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Ship to Shore to Store - we do it all!

A mamoth effort by the Symons team over the past few days has seen us working 24/7 moving 80+ truck loads of pipe from Port Taranaki to our storage yards in Bell Block.

Mother nature hasn't been kind. Our team on the ground have had everything thrown at them and shown real committment to each other and our clients to get the job done safely and with a smile on their face (maybe a grimace at times).

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