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Graham and his wife Jill’s non-negotiable for the Symons Group Team is family comes first. As a group we enjoy taking an active part in our community. It makes us proud to provide support for the wellbeing of our next generation, we provide funding for schools, sports clubs, junior rugby, Taranaki Rugby and much more. We are also committed to providing ongoing support to youth development through sport and education, Coastal Taranaki and surf lifesaving to help keep our community safe.

As a Registered Certified Water Carrier, Symons provides transport of bulk water and clean drinking water all year round, seven days a week. We deliver to farms, lifestyle blocks, schools, commercial and residential swimming pools, businesses and local events as well as we are first in line in event of environmental emergencies.



Our Digger and Tip Truck

We have 20 tonne and 12 tonne diggers available with highly skilled operators supported by tipper truck and trailer suited to

  • Farm drainage and development
  • Building site preparation
  • Landscaping
  • Driveway preparation and completion


For every customer referred to by a local school in Taranaki over the 2019/20 Summer, the school receives a donation of $50.00.