As well as logistics, pipe inspection, storage and transport services, Symons also has a range of other services available including diggers, hydro excavation, fitting and turning and waste disposal.


We have 20 tonne and 14 tonne diggers available with highly skilled operators supported by tip truck and tractor and trailer (with front-end loader) suited to:

  • farm drainage and development
  • building site preparation
  • landscaping
  • driveway preparation and completion

For smaller, more intricate jobs, a 3 tonne digger and/or Bobcat with operator are also available.

Hydro Excavation Vacuum Tanker Services

Symons Group's pupose built tanker specialises in to the following services - production site maintenance, hydro evacuation, pot-holing, emergency spill response, commercial liquid waste disposal, storm water, catch pits, water blasting, rapid response to emergency situations and other vacuum tank facilities.

The unit is a tri-blower vacuum tanker with a hydro excavation unit, it holds 10.5 cube waste and 1500 litres of fresh water. The unit boasts a silenced pack Perkins engine, powering a Jurop PVT400 (1440CFM) tri lobe blower type vacuum pump, featuring great airflow for loose material and able to pull 92% vacuum in liquid. Spec jetting pump produces 38 litres per minute @ 4,000 psi with 60 metres of 3/8 hose spooled on a hydraulic reel. A fully tipping unit, rear opening door with easy and fast clean out of heavy material. 4inch rear inlet valve and 3 inch reducing adaptor to give the versatility of using 4 inch and 3 inch hose.

The benefits of this unit ensure customers receive services that are cost effective, fast and efficient. When using the vacuum facility - waste transfer/offloading capability ensures continuous operating and the vacuum is powerful for maximum productivity. The transport, removal, treatment and consented disposal of the wastes generated is only at approved sites. Risk reduction ensure that materials are removed from the worksite for safety of the environment and public protection. The recycling and re-using of such waste materials reduce the environmental impact.

If you are not familiar with hydro excavation, it is fast becoming the quickest and safest way to dig trenches, bore holes, expose services for repair or maintenance, to lay new beside old, as well as trenching around services, such as drains and tree roots. Hydro excavation is proven to expose existing services with zero or very limited damage.


Engineering, Fitting & Turning

We also have an in-house facility which undertakes light engineering work and includes an on-site fitter and turner.