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"Dedicated to providing a one-stop energy service hub through partnership, with a focus on safety and quality"

Graham Symons had a vision to create an energy services hub in Taranaki. In 2010, Symons Energy was born and another foundation stone laid. Today, Symons Group
is the only one-stop shop operator in the energy sector.

Our Energy Services fleet includes specialised equipment to handle all our pipe, casing and DG goods.

Our Energy Services are:

  • Third-party logistics delivered by our Energy Team
  • Over 70,000 m2 of uncovered and over 12,000 m2 of covered storage including daily inventory tracking with our management system
  • Solutions for all imports of cargo and goods incl. container devanning at our
  • MPI approved transitional facility (ATF)
  • Freight forwarding solutions for all exports of cargo and goods from New Zealand
  • Dangerous goods packing and documentation for land, sea and airfreight
  • Immediate and urgent response to all urgent procurement request
  • Waste removal of client’s obsolete inventory


Our Pipe Inspection Services include:

  • Non-destructive testing, incl. magnetic particle inspection (MT) for ferrous equipment
  • Liquid penetrant inspections (PT) for non-magnetic equipment
  • Inspections of end area connections
  • Thread profile gauging
  • Visual end area inspections
  • API (American Petroleum Institute) specification compliance inspections, incl. TH Hill DS-1, EMI, UT and MT inspections

Our senior management team in Energy Services has over 15 years of logistics experience and extensive experience in oil and gas operations.

To accommodate our clients specialised requirements, we work in conjunction with IOT Group, SGS New Zealand Ltd, Independent Oil Field Inspection Services, Weatherford New Zealand and ICO Asia Pacific.