"Dedicated to providing a one-stop energy service hub through partnership, with a focus on safety and quality"

Symons Energy Services have specialised equipment available and operators familiar with the handling and safety requirements of oil field equipment, including the transport of casing, drill pipe and assorted drilling equipment.

A point of difference that sets Symons aside from other operators in the region is that our Energy storage facility is situated in the same area as the Symons Transports yard.  This workable hub offers exploration company clients a very cost-effective solution as we do not charge our customers for any internal movements required for pipe inspection nor do we charge on the truck time for load outs.

We work with companies in the energy sector to understand their needs. To better meet these needs we have developed a large, multi-purpose, environmentally-friendly site with a range of services and facilities - and a number of service providers to operate in the Symons Energy Services yard.  Being situated in the same area as Symons Transport provides a very cost-effective solution to the needs of many companies, particularly those in the exploration industry.