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The Symons Team Celebrate a Big Year

While we were sad that not everyone could make it along on Saturday night, we saw great attendance at the annual Symons Group Christmas function. It was especially pleasing to see partners come along to be recognised for the part they play in the business.
While the evening was about getting the team together to celebrate a challenging year, we also took the opportunity to recognise a few individuals.

The following awards were given based on E Road driver behaviour scores (each category was tightly contested):
Best Oil driver – Jeroen van der Vorm
Best Non-Oil driver – Benno Zuger
Best VIP driver – Glenise Young
Farthest distance travelled – Ivan Smith

The Employee contribution to Health and Safety is awarded to the employee who consistently contributes to Health and Safety discussions; reports all incidents using Risk Manager (good and bad); takes the time to understand what good looks like and approaches H&S with a view to sort things out instead of just having a moan and leaving it to someone else to sort. We know people make mistakes, but we also know that it is our people on the front line that are best placed to prevent them. Michael Poppelwell was the recipient of this year's award.

The Symons Team Player is awarded to the person who whatever situation they face, acts as a team player. If they are asked to do something someone else should have or to fix an error that has been created by some else, they respond as a member of the team. They contribute to team spirit by maintaining a good attitude and talking to people, not about them. If they make a mistake, they own it. They do not watch other members of the team fail; they help them out. They have not expected handouts, they have worked to be who and where they are. This year we put the power in the team's hands and asked everyone to vote. Garry Hopkinson took this out by a sizeable margin.

The final recognition of the night was to Stevie who had recently ticked over 20 years with the company. It is becoming rare for people to stick with one employer for a decent length of time, so Graham was proud to be able to recognise our friend and longest serving employee on the night.

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