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Symons Institute of Transport Update

With the genuine shortage in heavy transport drivers, the ultimate purpose of the institute is to allow attendees to gain some of the vital experience necessary to gain future employment. Attending the institute shows that these people are willing to make sacrifices to better their employment potential and make a worthy investment in their futures.

All available spaces have been filled since the Institute began on the 13th of July.

We had two join us on the first week, one of which was a flight captain for Virgin Australia who had held a truck licence for a long time but had not done much driving and Covid had put a halt to his usual plans.

The other joining us from Auckland who had driven trucks only but had no experience with truck and trailer combinations. He showed great potential and has stayed on with us to part take in a contract we secured in Auckland and has continued to perform very well.

So far we have had five local applicants join us to invest in their careers, at the moment one has been able to stay on with us and secure work in a varied role due to it being an extremely busy time of the year for us and one other is still progressing through the course.

Two of the local attendees have come to us through our government support program. This relationship fits the mindset of the institute perfectly, which is a continuation of providing support; helping people, help people to help people and in every instance we are adapting to fit the needs of these attendees as much as possible.

Working with our government support program has allowed us to bring a client down from Auckland who was a chef who felt the impact of Covid also, although he has the necessary licences, he has struggled to attain employment due to a lack of experience and was adamant in joining our initiative

The attitudes that have been expressed on course have been extremely positive, they have immersed themselves into our team environment and with statements such, “I am more than happy to do what is required for the team to succeed,” its with full faith that the commitment shown will pay off.

When the team succeeds, generally reward follows, this has been the case none more so than for one of our attendees who joined us from Hamilton. When applying for a driving role back in the Waikato, he mentioned he was currently attending the Symons Institute of Transport to which the employer complimented highly, this has ultimately helped him toward gaining his first class 5 truck driving role stating it was “like a dream come true.”

The distances that some of our attendees are willing to travel has been inspiring, as stated some have travelled from Auckland and the Waikato, we have also had one from Blenheim with two more to start in the near future, travelling from Christchurch and another from Blenheim. Applicants have applied from all over the country from Whangarei to Tauranga, as indicated, Auckland, Waikato and the South Island which shows that people recognise the importance of having experience in order to gain employment. 

We continue to stay in contact where possible with the attendees, firstly to see how employment is going for them, secondly to gauge how effective the course was for them. The feedback we have had from attendees for improvement has been acknowledged and we continue to improve our process so the course can benefit the attendees as much as possible.

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