Symons Group End of Year Dinner and Awards

Friday night we were privileged to have Norm Hewitt and David Galbraith share some of their wisdom with us during our end of year dinner and awards night at Ngamutu Golf Club.
Norm’s viewpoint was not only as a successful All Black with a huge work ethic but also of a boy whose experience with bullying as a child carried through into his adult years. Like many of us, a low point in Norm's life triggered him to turn himself around and make some big changes. Interestingly, he talked just as much about Dancing with the Stars as he did about his rugby career. For him ‘removing his mask’ and showing who he was rather than what he thought people wanted him to be was key.
David had his own struggles with anxiety as a young man and went on to become a clinical psychologist. For the last ten years David has become a leading sports psychologist and worked with some of New Zealand’s leading athletes across many sporting disciplines. 
Work ethics, being true to yourself and knowing what your own success looks like featured throughout both speeches which had those of us there hanging on every word.

As well as some amazing guest speakers it also gave Graham and Jill a chance to pass on their thanks to the team. Graham made special mention of the sacrifices the wider family members have made and acknowledged the support they have given us through the year. 

The night concluded with a few awards to some of the stand outs in the team. Dean acknowledged the wider contribtion of each and every person in the Symons Group of companies and that success could only be achieved as a team.

The E Road driver behaviour metrics were used to acknowledge the following team members:

Best oil driver - Grady Waite

Best general driver - Grant Willis

Best VIP transport driver - Glenise Young

Employee contribution to Health and Safety was also recognised. This employee consistently contributed to Health and Safety discussions; reported all incidents using our reporting system (good and bad); took the time to show people the right way to do things using SOP’s rather than their way; and approached H&S with a view to sort things out instead of just having a moan and leaving it to someone else to sort.

Contribution to Health and Safety was given to Grant Willis

Dean finished off the awards by recognising the Symons Team Player. This person, whatever situation they faced, acted as a team player. If they were asked to do something someone else should or to fix an error that had been created by some else, they responded as a member of the team. They contributed to team spirit by maintaining a good attitude and talking to people, not about them. If they made a mistake, they owned it. They didn’t watch other members of the team fail; they helped them out. They didn't expected handouts and they worked to be who and where they are.

Symons Team Player was awarded to Jason Williams

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