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Proud to Help

On the 20th of Feb 2018 at around 6 pm. Taranaki became the seventh region to declare a state of emergency as Cyclone Gita ripped through the district. Like thousands of other locals we woke up the night after the storm to find we didn't have any water. A large tree crashed down on to a water pipe during the storm and caused the most significant loss of water supply the region has experienced.

It forced severe water restrictions to be put in place and cut supply to up to 10,000 New Plymouth residents for days.

After receiving a call from the NPDC our dispatchers swung in to action scrambling tankers to set up emergency water distribution points around the city. Businesses around the district were also hugely affected so we were kept busy supplying chicken farms, rest homes, the airport, the hospital and a number of local schools with fresh water to drink. 

The team were all very proud to be part of the relief effort and were chuffed when members of the public made a point of coming up and thanking our drivers.

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