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Courageous driver lends a hand

Late one night in February one of our team was heading south on SH3 just north of Egmont Village and came across a rolled vehicle against the embankment of the road. Adam moonlights as a volunteer fire fighter in his spare time and has also completed a Pre Hospital Emergency Care course which makes him very handy in this sort of situation.
Adam pulled over in a safe spot, grabbed the truck first aid kit and one of the fire extinguishers for fire protection. When he got to the vehicle, he found a person trapped inside. He used the scissors from the first aid kit to cut their seatbelt and declined the seats so he could pull them out of the vehicle. Once safe, Adam bandaged the person’s right arm which happened to have a nasty cut. When the bleeding was under control Adam then completed a primary check to make sure that the person did not suffer any other injuries. With the first aid work done Adam then stayed with the person and cracked a few jokes to keep them calm until the Emergency Services arrived.
Adam said it “felt so great to be prepared for an emergency situation as a member of public”.
We’re very proud that one of our team stopped and provided help to someone in need so we were pleased to give him a little something in appreciation of his display of courage and selflessness.

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