fbpx Who We Are | Symons Group

With a passion for trucks, Graham Symons established Symons Transport in 1984, based in Taranaki. From a small farm shed and 1 truck over 30 years ago, we have now grown into one of the leading businesses in our industry here in New Zealand.

As Symons Group grows, we have developed services that deliver a one-stop shop solution. This encompasses 4 successful business units Transport, Energy, Warehouse & Purpose-Built Facilities and Waste Remediation Services. By offering Transport, Energy, Warehouse and Remediation Services, we can provide an integrated supply chain to our clients, tailored to their business requirements.

What makes us successful?
Simple. Our people. For us, our teams drive the business performance, from our drivers of our fleet, our energy services team, our logistics team to our highly involved management team, every member of the Symons Group plays an integral part of our success. As a result of teamwork, high-performance management and state of the art equipment, we are capable of designing and executing the best solution for our clients. Every time.

What does the future hold?
We believe in continuous growth because we care. Providing the best service to every client is non-negotiable at Symons Group. Another non-negotiable is our deliveries are aligned to the fundamental principles of high performance, today, tomorrow and in the coming years. Our culture is one of open communication, which allows people to work together in teams to find the best outcome that corresponds with our clients’ requirements.

Together we are Symons Group.