Above: The FleetSafe NZ Simulator, the only one of its kind in New Zealand was bought to Symons Transport depot to carry out driver training. The simulator has the ability to simulate rain, snow and wind wind, within rural and urban surroundings, on sealed and unsealed road - all in the one session. Most importantly the simulator increases driver safety whilst improving fuel efficiency and can be achieved without withdrawing your vehicles from service.

The Symons Group of companies are committed to developing a culture where all our employees actively participate towards an injury-free and accident-free workplace. We are committed to continuous improvement to ensure clients receive the highest quality service.

To achieve this aim and attain best practice in health and safety, our safety management system is designed to continually provide awareness of health and safety issues and is proactive in the prevention of injuries and accidents.

We are also committed to promoting health and safety in the workplace through on-going consultation with staff and continual improvement initiatives to ensure the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 are met.

Our goal is to achieve zero harm to people, property and the environment while delivering an optimised service with highly experienced and trained staff.  Supporting this is our internal safety management system, designed to continually provide awareness of health and safety, and be proactive in the prevention of injuries and accidents:

  • Where safety, quality and environment are above all else
  • Pre-employment and random drug and alcohol screening for all employees
  • Fatigue management
  • Risk management
  • Hazard identification and control


Working with key partners

We work with key partners, such as MPI, Taranaki Regional Council, Taranaki District Health Board and other regulatory departments from key clients, to constantly monitor and maintain high standards in all aspects of health and safety and quality control. Symons commitment is ongoing in this area.

Best transport safety features

Symons Transport is committed to a safe working environment for all employees and contractors to the company. 

Symons Transport has aligned itself to one brand of truck with Scania being recognised as offering the best safety features in its class. Scania are one of the leading manufacturers in the fields of emission reduction technologies and alternative fuels.

Management is committed to ongoing involvement with the National Road Transport Association and the Taranaki Executive, working towards improvement of local road safety results and developing an awareness of community needs.

Whilst sacrificing some tare weight with the prime movers and trailers, the B-Train trailers are all fitted with 6 axles, providing greater load stability, more effective braking systems and the ability to increase payload when weight regulations are lifted.

Symons Transport was awarded Tertiary Level status in the ACC Work Place Safety Rating system in April 2007 and have recently been awarded Gold status in the ACC Fleetsaver program in 2014. The result of the companies ongoing investment into health and safety practices have seen the business travel in excess of four million kilometres in the past 12 months with a NIL insurance claim history and with no serious accident, injury or product spill.

Energy Services goal to achieve zero harm

Symons Energy Service's goal is to achieve zero harm to people, property and the environment, while delivering an optimised service with highly experienced and trained staff. Supporting this is the internal safety management system of Energy Services which is designed to continually provide awareness of health and safety, and is proactive in the prevention of injuries and accidents.

Energy Services also has strong working relationships and an excellent track record with key partners such as MPI and the Taranaki Regional Council. Symons Group has a dedicated manager focused on areas of health, safety and quality assurance which means that health and safety policies and procedures are implemented with American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. Industry standards are closely followed and respected.

The key features of the Energy Services operation with regards to health, safety and the environment are that it has:

  • one of the few covered tubular servicing sites in Taranaki
  • a MPI-approved site with approved operators and capabilities for de-vanning containers for import and export
  • an environmentally conscious and eco-friendly tubular service facility
  • staff with a high level of health and safety awareness, whilst following all API (American Petroleum Institute) standards
  • the only three-way separator for managing waste products on a tubular servicing site in Taranaki. This is approved by the Taranaki Regional Council and New Plymouth District Council
  • a rainwater system for the service facility
  • state of the art tubular handling forks. These ensure safety and product protection by eliminating movement and the risk of slips and spills. These are the only forks of their kind to be used on yards within Taranaki.


All staff and subcontractors employed by Symons Group receive a thorough induction to health and safety procedures and are encouraged to stand up for safety by voicing their concerns. We believe health and safety is everyone’s responsibility and we encourage our staff to demonstrate and maintain their commitment to Health and Safety in all dealings with or for the Company. This includes participating in random Drug and Alcohol testing when required.